Cologne Classical Ensemble

In the Cologne Classical Ensemble outstanding musicians of North Rhine-Westphalia meet regularly to perform chamber music in a variety of instrumentations and forms of expression. The collaboration of the musicians is based on artistic appreciation, and often years of friendship and professional bonds. All musicians share the desire to develop sophisticated chamber music - without any restrictions, only committed to musical quality. Concerts with the Cologne Classical Ensemble include projects from small to large ensembles.

Kölner Klassik Ensemble 2008

Rare duo or trio combinations, classical quartets or quintets, 8- to 10-member ensembles and complete chamber orchestras. The Cologne Classical Ensemble has thus developed into a stage for the musicians, on which they can implement joint projects free from external constraints, completely devoted to the depth of their musical expression.

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Gershwin & de Falla

Bach & Piazzolla