The Astor Trio

Violin, guitar and double bass meet in the Astor Trio. The formation is based on a long collaboration of Tobias Kassung, the Artistic Director of the Cologne Classical Ensemble and the other members of the ensemble: the violinist and leader of the Dortmunder Philharmoniker Alexander Prushinskiy and the principal bass player of the WDR-Sinfonieorchester Stanislav Anischenko.

Originally derived from gypsy jazz and flamenco groups, the idea of combining the violin, guitar and double bass has led the Astor Trio to emancipating this music from its folk music environment and converting it into serious classical music. With sophisticated arrangements, virtuosic instrumentation and the soloistic abilities of all three instrumentalists, the three musicians present a new form of chamber music, where the joy of playing is experienced through their rhythmic precision, their sophisticated playing and aesthetic for sound.

Astor Trio

Thus old and new music, serious and popular classical music, come together and are combined by the creative impulse of the trio to look for contemporary forms of expression. The result is of a specific variety that is never arbitrary and exemplifies how the masterpieces of music are always built upon each other.

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Astor Trio live with George Gershwin "Porgy & Bess Suite" at "Spitzentöne Köln":


Astor Trio live with Astor Piazzolla "Adios Nonino" at "Kammerkonzerte der Dortmunder Philharmonie":


Astor Trio live (samples) with J. S. Bach Sonata E major at the "Kammerkonzerte der Dortmunder Philharmonie":

Gershwin & de Falla

Bach & Piazzolla